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Michigan's Trusted Insurance Partner
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Home Insurance
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Auto Insurance
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"Protecting what matters most"

It's not just a catchy's what we are's who we are.


You have worked hard for what you have, and proud of what you have achieved. Your home, vehicles, and belongings are the culmination of focus and determination. Your business is your life's work, and a great part of what you give back to the community. Your family is the meaning of your life, and you want them completely taken care of, no matter what happens.


What you have is invaluable. But are you protected from the curveballs life can throw at you?

At Ball Insurance Group, our Mission is to help people protect what matters most to them. Whether it's your home, automobiles, life, or business, we have the tools to protect you.

As and Independent Insurance Agency, we have partnered with numerous insurance companies to help our customers find the best coverages tailored to their needs.

​If you're looking for an insurance agency that sincerely cares about the people and community they serve, you have come to the right place. Our success is protecting your success.

Don't Be A Victim To Poor Insurance Coverage

Insurance Assessment
Inadequate insurance coverage can potentially cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. That's not a misprint. Hundreds of thousands of dollars!!!

It is estimated that over 40% of insured adults are not adequately covered. Take the quick assessment below to see if you need to re-evaluate your coverages.
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